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“In addition to being an ideal film location, Santa Clarita offered us convenience with its complete network of quality film businesses."
Mark V. Olsen
Co-Creator & Executive Producer
HBO's Big Love

With over 20 sound stages and several movie ranches, the Santa Clarita Valley is quickly becoming Hollywood's home away from home. The area already hosts production companies of all sizes for dozens of commercials, hit television shows and feature films, representing hundreds of shooting days each year. In addition, new production facilities, such as the Disney | ABC Studios at the Ranch, are slated for development in the near future.

The Santa Clarita Valley is also home to a growing cluster of digital media businesses. Supported by one of the premier academic institutions for the arts, California Institute of the Arts [CalArts], area firms provide a wide array of development-related services, producing everything from online video games to full-length films. Together, Digital Media + Entertainment represents another vibrant and growing industry cluster for the Santa Clarita Valley, with firms including:

Disney | ABC Studios at The Ranch     Santa Clairta Studios     Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio
 Technifex   WayForward Technologies, Inc.


But don't just take our word for it.

As part of a recently conducted Target Industry Analysis, we worked with Angelou Economics - a leading, independent site selection consulting group - to evaluate the Santa Clarita Valley as a location for firms in the Digital Media and Entertainment Industry. The results speak for themselves.

"Increasingly, the creative media industry is becoming more and more dependent on the availability of skilled labor, especially young creative professionals as well as industry experts. These creative professionals, and similarly many entrepreneurial ventures within the industry, tend to seek out communities that are viewed as being supportive environments of high creativity. Santa Clarita Valley's strong presence of businesses and labor within this industry will help to attract additional businesses."

- Angelou Economics

Click to download the Digital Media + Entertainment Industry Sheet

           (Source: Angelou Economics, 2011)



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