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The Santa Clarita Valley. In Brief.

The Santa Clarita Valley is located in Los Angeles County, approximately thirty-five miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The region is home to the City of Santa Clarita, the fourth largest city within Los Angeles County and the 24th largest city in the State of California. With over 275,000 residents, Santa Clarita Valley plays an important role in the economic vitality of the County.
Business Environment

Santa Clarita Valley's regional economy diversified across several industry sectors. According to a recent study, the largest industry sectors by share of the overall business community were those related to general services, trade (including wholesale, retail, transportation & utilities), and professional & business services. This is indicative of the healthy small business community seen throughout the valley.
While the service sectors make up the largest percentage of businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley, employment in the regional economy is weighted much more evenly across sectors. When employment is taken into account, the top five industries in the Santa Clarita Valley are trade (including wholesale, retail, transportation & utilities), professional & business services, leisure & hospitality, manufacturing and government (including federal, state, county and local agencies).
Largest Employers

Six Flags Magic Mountain, one of the nation's premier amusement parks, continues to be the region's largest employer. The rest of the top ten is balance of education, healthcare and professional service employers. 

Santa Clarita Valley maintains one of the lowest unemployment rates in Los Angeles County. The City’s unemployment rate was 8.1% in August 2010 compared to 13.1% for Los Angeles County and 12.7% for the State of California.

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