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The Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC) works to provide an integrated approach to attracting, retaining and expanding a diversity of business and industry in the Santa Clarita Valley. To accomplish this mission, the SCVEDC utilizes the following programs:  


The BEAR Program is designed to address the needs of existing businesses throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. With the help of our BEAR partners, each year SCVEDC will provide no-cost, confidential one-on-one business assistance visits with primary industry employers. Information gathered through the BEAR program will be used to locate potential business expansion opportunities, identify at-risk companies and develop appropriate assistance solutions. Information will also be analyzed on an aggregate basis to allow the SCVEDC to share with area decision-makers ways that they can continue improve the regional business climate. Download the brochure by clicking here.


SCV Site Search is a powerful, web-based site selection tool that allows you to identify and analyze information on currently available buildings and sites within the Santa Clarita Valley. By combining GIS-mapping software and the property database of the nation’s largest commercial/industrial brokers’ association, SCV Site Search users can research properties, make location comparisons, analyze regional socio-economic data and create customized reports of their findings.
        Santa Clarita Valley Enterprise Zone

The Santa Clarita Valley Enterprise Zone program saves local businesses money! The program provides significant incentives for qualifying businesses, including up to $37,440 in state tax credits for qualified employees hired, additional tax credits on up to $20 million of qualified equipment purchases, net operating loss carryover, net interest deduction for lender and preference points when bidding State contracts. This leading state tax reduction program provides special tax incentives to qualified businesses that either locate in Santa Clarita, hire qualified employees, or make qualified purchases.



The EDIC is designed to be the most comprehensive collection of economic development relative information available for the Santa Clarita Valley. The searchable database is constantly being updated with new information from a variety of information sources, including companies, schools, colleges, media sources, real estate brokers, developers and local government. The goal of the EDIC is to provide business decision-makers and analysts with accurate, timely information about the Santa Clarita Valley.



The SCV Business Directory is the most complete database of existing firms in the Santa Clarita Valley. Through our robust GIS infrastructure, we track a variety of  business information points such as employment, annual sales and location. Users can search for firms by keyword, NAICS code, business type. Also, specific firms and industry clusters can be mapped, color coded and analyzed.

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