California is the cutting-edge location for
Advanced Manufacturing.

This isn't your grandfather's machine shop!

California has long been on the cutting edge, especially when it comes to clean energy and innovative technology, making it the perfect location for the rapidly changing manufacturing industry. Advances in material sciences, computer technology, and globalization make manufacturing one of the most exciting industries and a major driver of our economy. California is the perfect home for your manufacturing company of today....and tomorrow.


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  • 5 Top Challenges in Manufacturing (and how they can become opportunities)
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  • 6 Key Factors to Consider when Selecting the Right Location (that suits your short-term and long-term needs) 


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Strategic Methods to Accelerate Your Manufacturing Business in California 

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Advanced Bionics – A Success Story!

Looking for the space and vision to THINK BIG?

Check out LA County's most business friendly location...the Santa Clarita Valley!

The Santa Clarita Valley


The Santa Clarita Valley is within easy reach of Los Angeles: only 35 miles from downtown LA and 7 miles from its northern border. The fastest-growing community in Los Angeles County, the Santa Clarita Valley is home to a population of nearly 300,000 and the third largest city in LA County, the City of Santa Clarita.


This award-winning region is known for its talented workforce, thriving technology sector, top-ranked schools and universities, business-friendly culture, and unrivaled quality of life.


These factors make the Santa Clarita Valley one of Southern California’s most desirable communities, with our new commercial developments raising the bar for what’s possible. Projected growth will bring significant new jobs to the region along one of the most dynamic growth corridors in California, and offers an excellent location for companies who are ready to expand.



Air Bolt Santa Clarita Valley
Remo Santa Clarita Valley
Nasmyth TMF Santa Clarita Valley