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Spotlight: Leading Tech Companies that Call SCV Home

Spotlight: Leading Tech Companies that Call SCV Home

When you think of “booming tech hub,” you’re probably more inclined to think Silicon Valley than Santa Clarita. But the truth is that over the past few years more companies are moving out of Silicon Valley and looking for locations with a greater quality of life that corresponds to the desires of their workforce.

Trust and Transparency: The Future of Innovation

Trust and Transparency: The Future of Innovation

In a world where technology evolves on an almost daily basis and it can be challenging to decipher between what is real and what isn’t, the growing demand for transparency is greater than ever. For companies whose main business is technology, it is becoming more evident that the only way to fuel future success is to build trust with consumers through open communication and information sharing.

Scorpion Breaks Ground on New Headquarters

Scorpion, one of the fastest growing website design and Internet marketing firms in North America serving legal, healthcare, franchise, and home service clients, broke ground today on their new corporate headquarters in the Santa Clarita Valley. Scorpion’s new headquarters will be the first creative office building of its kind in the area, and will prominently feature an environmentally conscious, employee-centric design.

Seven Reasons I'm Thankful for the Santa Clarita Economy

Santa Clarita EconomyNovember is a time to give thanks and a time for reflection as we approach the year’s end. I find myself reflecting on, among other things, my appreciation for our local economy.

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