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Welcome to SCV Means Business, the official podcast of the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation. Stay tuned as President & CEO Holly Schroeder interviews business leaders and explores the many ways that companies connect and contribute to their community.


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Tune in as Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation CEO Holly Schroeder interviews Allen Meacham, VP of neuromodulation at Boston Scientific. Discover the work that Boston Scientific is doing using neuromodulation to help relieve pain without medication, and some of the other potential uses for this innovative technology. Allen also discusses what makes Boston Scientific a great place to work. 
This episode features an interview with Jamie Adams, Chief Revenue Officer, and Julia Cook, Executive Vice President of Internet Marketing, at Scorpion, a full-service digital marketing and technology company. They share how they have evolved their services to match what consumers are doing and what businesses need to do to be in front of consumers. They also discuss  what makes Scorpion a great place to work, the unique culture of their organization, and reveal an exciting new upcoming project.  
Brock Kaericher, the President of REMO Inc., joins the program to discuss the rich history of the company, which includes perfecting and marketing the first successful synthetic drumhead. Brock reveals some of the famous artists who have used Remo drumheads, and how Remo is expanding into additional markets, including the use of drums for health and healing.  
Ken Wiseman, CEO of AMS Fulfillment, discusses some of the innovative strategies that they are using to develop their workforce. Ken shares how AMS is using the power of partnership to meet logistical challenges, and why the company decided to become a certified B Corporation. He also reveals the long term benefits of investing in employees and why turnover can sometimes be a good thing. 
Princess Cruises
In this episode Jan Swartz, president of Princess Cruises, gives us a behind-the-scenes look into the innovative world of the cruise industry and discusses how it has evolved over the years to bring exceptional experiences to guests. Swartz shares how their trademarked wearable technology, the Ocean Medallion, is helping revolutionize and personalize guest experiences on a whole new level, and reveals what she thinks is the best cruise destination in the world.
 In recognition of the 4th annual Innovate Santa Clarita campaign this November, SCVEDC President & CEO Holly Schroeder interviews multiple entrepreneurs who are growing their business and doing innovative work in Santa Clarita. This special episode features interviews with Robert Bruza, CEO of ADVRTAS, James Deck, CEO of Med Tech Solutions, Eric Solis, founder and CEO of MovoCash and Rengarajan Sudharsanan, founder of Acqubit.  
Tamara Gurney, President & Chief Executive Officer of Mission Valley Bank, joins the program to discuss why she decided to start a bank and how banks differentiate themselves. She shares what Mission Valley Bank does to act as a business partner and the various services that they provide. She also reveals the most common financial considerations for start-up, mid-level and larger companies.
Craig McCrary, President of Neotech, discusses his company's journey into the neonatal space and the evolution of their product line. He shares how they sort through new product ideas and reveals some exciting new products that the company is developing.
In this episode, you'll learn about Technifex, a world leader in concept design and engineering and fabrication of show and entertaining systems, as well as simulation training environments. Discover how technology has changed the industry, and how Technifex services assist with everything from live shows to training for firefighters.
This episode features an interview with Logix Federal Credit Union's new President and CEO Ana Fonseca, and outgoing President and CEO Dave Styler, as they share the practices that contribute to their success and how they get involved with and give back to the community. They share how they have effectively handled the leadership transition at Logix, and key areas of focus for the future. They also reveal the amenities that they will have in their new state-of-the-art headquarters that will make their workforce even more efficient and effective. 
SCV Locations
Have you ever wondered how film and television companies find interesting and unique locations for their productions? Karen Bryden, owner of SCV Locations, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, and why Santa Clarita is a highly sought after area for filming. Karen also reveals the strangest location request she has ever received!
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