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Bioscience & Medical Device Industry in SCV.
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The Santa Clarita Valley has a strong and growing presence of businesses
engaged in the research, development and production of medical devices.
Our advanced workforce, high quality of life and strong training infrastructure
are just a few of factors that make the SCV a productive location for firms.
Industry Coalitions
Innovation Loves Company


The Bioscience & Medical Device Coalition  is made up of a growing number of SCV companies that meet quarterly in the Santa Clarita Valley for industry promotion and industry events including networking, seminars, and knowledge sharing with peers. Join today to stay up-to-date and get connected!

Startup and entrepreneurial support, private sector
wet labs, state-of-the-art facilities.
Highly skilled labor force, customized free or low-cost
workforce training and apprenticeship programs.
Growing community, recreational activities, great
schools, and an unmatched quality of life.
Major Employers

Santa Clarita Valley's strong private sector presence in medical devices, especially the abundance of researchers and other skilled professionals, is an incredible asset for the area. These skilled professionals, and similarly many entrepreneurial ventures within the industry,  tend to seek out communities that are viewed as being supportive and innovative  environments.


Because the Santa Clarita Valley offers a high quality of life, a variety of tax and incentive programs for both small and large companies, and close proximity to  most Southern California business centers, it's no wonder our region has been  named Los Angeles County's most business-friendly city time and time again.


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The SCV Advantage.
  • Custom workforce training in medical devices & biotech industry
  • Home to the Southern California Innovation Park (167 acres) including 21 buildings and growing
  • Private sector wet-lab space and research facilities available
  • Access to Los Angeles International and Bob Hope (Burbank) airports
  • Highly educated labor force 
  • State-of-the-art facilities and room to grow
  • No gross receipts tax, no business license fee, no utility user tax, no payroll tax
  • Use tax rebate program available in the City of Santa Clarita