Information Technology

The Santa Clarita Valley is home to a variety of information technology firms engaged in software publishing, telecommunications, data processing and hosting, and computer design. A highly educated workforce, strong training programs and the presence of many business support organizations make the SCV a good fit for information technology firms. Below is a short list of information technology companies that call the SCV home!


300 SCV Employees (est)

Troll Systems Corporation

45 SCV Employees (est)

Status Not Quo

20 SCV Employees (est)


100 SCV Employees (est)

Scorpion Internet Marketing

425 SCV Employees (est)

Fresh Element

9 SCV Employees (est)

Download the SCV Information Technology Brochure.

Santa Clarita Valley offers a very strong presence of skilled professionals. The presence of these individuals is a very strong asset that may be leverage in the attraction of local expansion of information technology firms. Here a just a few reasons why many information technology companies have chosen the Santa Clarita Valley as their home.

  • Custom workforce training: Information Technology
  • Ideally placed within the 30-mile zone of Los Angeles
  • Home to CALARTS and other colleges with information technology curricula 
  • Highly educated labor force (54% of residents have at least a 4-year degree)
  • 20 million sq. ft. of industrial and commercial property in use
  • 2.0 million sq. ft. of state-of-the-art property under construction in 2014
  • No gross receipts tax, no business license fee, no utility user tax, no payroll tax
  • Use tax rebate program available in the City of Santa Clarita

Each cluster is supported by an Industry Coalition, which is a strong network of SCV businesses that meet quarterly.