Advisory Support

To companies considering moving to the business-friendly Santa Clarita Valley, as well as their brokers and site selectors, the business services team of the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation provides consultation and assessments that are professional, unbiased and confidential. 

Initial Assessment: Setting up business in a new location involves careful consideration of many factors, and during this early stage, a company needs comprehensive information and unbiased assessment. SCVEDC can deliver both. SCVEDC offers to meet with a company or its brokers at an early stage to capture all the needs related to a potential move and uncover any hidden issues. 

One-Stop Resource Center: From deciding to relocate to having the business up and running, SCVEDC provides support along the way. Due to its connection with the business community, the SCVEDC provides referrals in real estate brokerage, architecture design, civil engineering, general contracting, IT, banking, finance and legal. Thanks to its relationship with the City of Santa Clarita and Los Angeles County, we can help expedite permitting process and liaise with relevant government agencies. On the job recruitment and training side, the SCVEDC works closely with AJCC (America‚Äôs Job Center of California), SBDC (Small Business Development Centers) and ETI (Employee Training Institute) to provide support at no or low cost.   

Authoritative Data: At SCVEDC, we fully understand that when a company selects a new site location, they not only look at concrete features such as space, facilities and road conditions, but also at economic and demographic attributes such as labor pool, population characteristics, prevailing salary and ease of commuting. SCVEDC provides authoritative data by working with top researchers and data providers in the field of economic development. We not only release annual forecasts and monthly updates, we also provide project-based regional data to help companies and brokers close the deal.