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January Marks Another Minimum Wage Increase in the City of Santa Clarita

January Marks Another Minimum Wage Increase in the City of Santa Clarita

Minimum Wage Increases Santa Clarita ValleyAre you confused about the minimum wage increases? You’re not alone! The Santa Clarita Valley is in an especially unique situation in that the City of Santa Clarita and the County of Los Angeles have two different minimum wage increase schedules which has caused confusion and challenges for many of our local employers and residents alike. The City increases its wages in keeping with the State of California’s schedule (January - December), while the County of Los Angeles has adopted a wage increase schedule based on their fiscal calendar (July - June).

If you are a business owner within the City limits, you are likely aware that minimum wage increased in the City of Santa Clarita as of January 1. For companies within the City limits and with  25 or fewer employees the minimum wage is now $12, and those with 26 or more the minimum wage is now $13.

Conversely, businesses in unincorporated Los Angeles County, those primarily located on the west side of the I-5 freeway, saw an increase on July 1, 2019. For companies with up to 25 employees, the minimum wage was raised to $13.25. For companies with 26 or more employees, the minimum wage was increased to $14.25.

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According to a survey conducted by SCVEDC regarding minimum wage increases, many local business owners noted that even though they wouldn’t legally be required to adjust wages, the disparity of wage increases between the City and unincorporated County would influence the overall SCV labor market and that they would likely have to make changes to their pay rates.

If you have questions about the minimum wage increase give us a call. Our business assistance team is a one-stop resource for local companies. From obtaining workforce training at low or no cost to learning about local, state, and federal tax incentives, from expediting business issues resolution to managing local business coalitions, the SCVEDC is the focal point in delivering the support local companies need.

Our Business Assistance team is ready to meet you to discuss how to make 2020 a productive and prosperous year. Contact us to set up a no-cost visit today!


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