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Avita Medical Receives FDA Approval

AVITA Medical Receives FDA Approval for Spray-on Burn Treatment

Avita Medical's ReCell, a regenerative skin-cell solution, is the first treatment of its kind approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for growing back skin on burn victims. Avita Medical is a global regenerative medicine company with its US Headquarters in the Santa Clarita Valley.


Recent Advancements in Medical Technology

Recent Advancements in Medical Technology

Over the past two decades we’ve seen quite the revolution in terms of medical devices and manufacturing, but perhaps the most interesting part is actually the technology driving the healthcare industry today. Considering that just one hundred short years ago a simple cold could mean a death sentence, the advances from just the last decade are almost unfathomable.


Technology in Medical Manufacturing

Technology in Medical Manufacturing

Advances in medical device manufacturing have transformed not only what procedures we can perform safely, but also how we perform them. And while this is hardly a revelation, it’s never been at a more exciting place than it is today. The United States is currently responsible for 40% of the global medical device market and nearly 2 million jobs, with exports exceeding $41 billion in 2017 alone.

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