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fDi Magazine named Santa Clarita an American City of the Future

fDi Magazine named Santa Clarita an American City of the Future


Like all businesses that have chosen to locate in the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV), foreign companies are attracted by the region’s business-friendly approach, abundance of land, high quality of life, modern facilities and infrastructure, talented workforce and strong local economy. Additionally, SCV’s proximity to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which are ranked the #1 and #2 ports by cargo volume in North America, make it an ideal location for international businesses.

SCVEDC Visits Hong Kong

SCVEDC Visits Hong Kong

As part of its ongoing effort to promote international investment into the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV), and to facilitate export opportunities for SCV companies, SCVEDC President & CEO Holly Schroeder recently traveled to Hong Kong. This was SCVEDC’s first return to Hong Kong since it joined then-Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich for a Chinese trade mission in 2014.

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Supervisor Antonovich Leads Trade Mission to China

A quick glance at the label of my spring coat takes me half way around the world to Malaysia. Come to think of it, I could easily travel to ten or twenty countries by simply reviewing the components in my cellular phone. This phenomenon is often referred to as globalization, and it entails much more than the movement of production facilities to low-cost regions. It about exercising trust between multiple parties who were raised in extraordinary cultures, speak different languages, and most importantly – manufacture the physical components of our life.

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