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SCVEDC: Facilitating Domestic/International Investment & Export Opportunities


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As part of its ongoing effort to promote international investment into the Santa Clarita Valley (SCV), and to facilitate export opportunities for SCV companies, SCVEDC recently participated in two major investment conferences: SelectLA hosted by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), as well as the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington D.C.


These investment conferences are a crucial component of SCVEDC's comprehensive strategy to attract a diverse range of investors, both domestically and internationally, who are interested in expanding their operations into the dynamic and thriving business environment of the SCV. By actively engaging with potential investors at major conferences like SelectLA and the SelectUSA Investment Summit, SCVEDC aims to showcase the SCV as a prime location for business growth and development, highlighting the region's business-friendly policies, strategic location, skilled workforce, and abundance of money-saving incentives. Through these efforts, SCVEDC is actively fostering a conducive environment for both domestic and foreign companies to establish and expand their presence in the SCV, ultimately driving economic growth and prosperity in the region. 


Curious about how Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) benefits the Santa Clarita Valley? Check out our FDI Brochure!


SCV is an oasis in Los Angeles County for international businesses. Santa Clarita is LA County’s 3rd largest city, with 300,000 residents and a highly educated workforce. During the SelectUSA Summit, SCVEDC engaged multiple prospective FDI companies, who are looking to establish operations along the West Coast and Southwest of the United States. With SCV being strategically located near major ports and logistical assets, including the Port of LA, Port of Long Beach, LAX, with multiple interstate highways, SCV is easily accessible to global supply chains for these investors.


SCV is also located near the 3rd largest concentration of global trade offices in Los Angeles, connecting Santa Clarita Valley with strategic FDI missions, international partners and companies. After many successful engagements, FDI companies attending the SelectUSA Summit engaging with SCVEDC staff have expressed their interest in our region, as an optimal alternative for companies looking to establish or expand their U.S. operation.


CA Delegation_SelectUSA 2024The SelectUSA Investment Summit is the highest-profile event in the United States to facilitate business investment by connecting thousands of investors, companies, economic development organizations (EDOs), and industry experts to make deals happen. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) brings numerous benefits to regions like Los Angeles and local economies such as the Santa Clarita Valley.


Boosting the Los Angeles Region

  1. Economic Growth: FDI injects capital into the Los Angeles economy, fostering overall economic growth. This investment supports the development of new industries, infrastructure projects, and technological advancements, making the region more competitive on a global scale.

  2. Job Creation: By attracting multinational corporations, FDI generates numerous job opportunities. These new positions range from entry-level to highly skilled roles, reducing unemployment rates and providing stable employment for residents.

  3. Innovation and Technology Transfer: FDI brings in advanced technologies and innovative practices from other parts of the world. This transfer of knowledge enhances the technological capabilities of local businesses, driving innovation and increasing productivity across various sectors.

  4. Enhanced Global Trade: Los Angeles benefits from increased trade activities due to the presence of foreign companies. This not only boosts export opportunities for local businesses but also establishes the region as a vital hub for international trade.

Positive Impact on the Santa Clarita Valley

  1. Economic Diversification: FDI in the Santa Clarita Valley diversifies the local economy. Traditionally known for its entertainment and aerospace industries, the influx of foreign investment encourages the growth of new sectors such as biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and renewable energy.

  2. Small Business Support: Foreign companies often collaborate with local suppliers and service providers, creating a ripple effect that benefits small businesses. This support helps local entrepreneurs thrive and fosters a robust business ecosystem.

  3. Infrastructure Development: FDI leads to the development of essential infrastructure in the Santa Clarita Valley, including improved transportation networks, commercial real estate, and public facilities. This not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also attracts further investment.

  4. Increased Tax Revenue: The presence of foreign enterprises boosts local tax revenues, providing additional funds for public services such as education, healthcare, and community development projects. This improved public infrastructure benefits all residents and enhances the overall living standards.

  5. Cultural Exchange and Diversity: FDI brings diverse cultures and perspectives to the Santa Clarita Valley. This cultural exchange enriches the community, fostering a more inclusive and globally connected society. It also promotes tourism, as the area becomes more attractive to international visitors.

FDI significantly enhances both the broader Los Angeles region and the local economy of the Santa Clarita Valley. By engaging FDI projects, SCVEDC can support its mission to drive economic growth, create quality jobs, foster innovation, and improve infrastructure.



About the SelectUSA Investment Summit

Hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Investment Summit is a one-stop shop for companies considering expanding to the United States and provides EDOs with the opportunity to meet directly with international companies to facilitate investment deals. Since its inception, SelectUSA Investment Summits have attracted thousands of international companies and economic development representatives generating over $110 billion in new investment projects supporting over 85,000 jobs across the United States and its territories. The previous SelectUSA Investment Summit saw record-breaking numbers with more than 4,900 participants, including EDO representatives from 55 U.S. states and territories and over 2,300 business investors from 83 international markets.


This year was the largest Investment Summit to date with record levels of attendance and engagement from 5,000+ attendees, 96 international markets, and all 56 U.S. states and territories! We saw 1,000+ economic development organization representatives, 2,500+ international delegates, 700+ SelectUSA Tech participants, 97 Select Global Women in Tech (SGWIT) mentors, and 115 SGWIT mentees from 43 markets.




The Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC) is a unique private / public partnership representing the united effort of regional industry and government leaders. The SCVEDC utilizes an integrated approach to attracting, retaining and expanding a diversity of businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley, especially those in key industry clusters, by offering competitive business services and other resources.

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