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Spotlight: Leading Tech Companies that Call SCV Home

Spotlight: Leading Tech Companies that Call SCV Home

When you think of “booming tech hub,” you’re probably more inclined to think Silicon Valley than Santa Clarita. But the truth is that over the past few years more companies are moving out of Silicon Valley and looking for locations with a greater quality of life that corresponds to the desires of their workforce.



In fact, the SCV is home to quite a few companies in the information technology space that are making waves in the industry:


Arvato Santa Clarita

Arvato Bertelsmann

Who they are: An international tech company based in Germany, with a primary US location right here in Valencia. They have a variety of offerings ranging from customer service and ecommerce solutions to supply chain management and IT systems. Arvato focuses on enhancing customer interaction to help make your business run more smoothly.

• What they’re up to: Arvato recently created an artificial intelligence competence cluster aimed at developing and integrating solutions for business processes.


Troll Systems Santa Clarita

Troll Systems

• Who they are: A tech company specializing in creating data links between air and ground operations, particularly for unmanned vehicles like drones for commercial use, law enforcement, and military/government applications. Their data link solutions provide users with long-range video transmission and reception to increase safety and knowledge of surrounding areas.

• What they’re up to: Troll Systems recently launched a receiver and remote control that enables a 2-8 channel diversity receiver for either remote Electronic News Gathering or law enforcement antenna sites.


Status Not Quo Santa Clarita

Status Not Quo

• Who they are: A tech consulting firm that specializes in custom programming and web development, enterprise solutions including CRM and ERP, and digital marketing. They focus on creating innovative answers for when out of the box solutions don’t quite meet customer needs, as well as efficient systems and automation.

• What they’re up to: Status Not Quo recently launched the revamped websites for both the Port of Los Angeles and Washington State Department of Agriculture.


Scorpion Internet Marketing Santa Clarita


• Who they are: An internet marketing company that specializes in website design, digital advertising, SEO, and content and social media marketing. As one of the top 20 employers in SCV, they also offer online reputation monitoring, live chat, video marketing, and reporting/analytics.

• What they’re up to: In May 2019, three of Scorpion’s clients won Hermes Creative Awards for their websites, specifically for creating better customer experiences online.


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