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Upgrading to Clean Energy: The PACE Program

Upgrading to Clean Energy

Interested in clean energy? With stories like that of the Hilton: Los Angeles Studio City, where companies are able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in energy material and maintenance costs, the interest is justified. The Los Angeles County Commercial PACE (Property-Assessed Clean Energy) program is an incentive for businesses to adopt an environmentally-friendly approach to property renovation and maintenance, which includes anything related to energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy generation.

In terms of energy efficiency, there is an abundance of ways a property can transition to and qualify for PACE. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and even elevator systems can be switched out for newer alternatives or receive check-ups. Lighting fixtures can be replaced with greener models, as well as the occupancy and day-lighting sensors that come with them. Regarding water, a property can adopt low-flow toilets and urinals, smart irrigation systems, and vegetated roofs. PACE also supports the transition to solar energy through solar panels, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, solar thermal heating and cooling, and the purchase of fuel cells.

The ideal PACE candidate owns a commercial property with limited access to capital, high energy build, out-of-date equipment, and runs 24-7. Properties can be industrial, commercial, agricultural, or even non-profit organizations. The simple process goes as follows:


  1. The candidate submits their initial application.
  2. A PACE Developer will assist the applicant in getting all of the necessary paperwork and approvals, including energy audit, working with an investor, and lender consent.
  3. The candidate submits their Final Application.
  4. If all documents and approvals are in order, the bond process may commence.
  5. Finally, an assessment is placed in the candidate’s property tax bill. The cost of the improvements will be repaid through this assessment.

The SCVEDC encourages interested parties to contact LA PACE at for any questions that may arise.


The SCVEDC is committed to offer you business assistance in conjunction with the many resources offered by Business USA. Please contact us for a brief consultation on the many economic development programs and incentives we facilitate in the Santa Clarita Valley.

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