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Maybe CA isn’t so bad after all

I hear it every day – CA is a tough place to do business. Some would say the worst. Sometimes I think we just believe the stories and reputation without thinking about it analytically.

Data tells another story, or at least adds more perspective and insight than the oft-quoted soundbite.

CA is the largest state contributor to the national manufacturing GDP. Los Angeles County manufacturing economy, valued at approximately $4 trillion, remains the most productive manufacturing county in the country. The Santa Clarita Valley plays a key role in that, with major aerospace, defense, medical device, and other manufacturers located here.


Manufacturing has seen tremendous increases in productivity in recent years, due to the advance of computing power, digitization and automation. In fact each hour of manufacturing labor today produces twice the value of output it did in 1990.


That innovation carries to all sectors, placing California at the top of the list for the most patents per 1 million persons.


Perhaps that’s why entrepreneurs want to start their companies in California. CA has the highest growth in active establishments of any state, and ranks 4th in net job creation. California is ranked 5th in creation of new businesses, with a 5.5% growth rate for job creation stemming from new business creation.


And despite the reputation that California doesn’t care about business, the state is investing heavily in training for our current and future workforce. Last week, California approved nearly $10 million in Employment Training Panel funds, which reimburses employers for the costs of training workers. More investment is expected, as the Community College System’s Taskforce on Doing What Matters for Business and the Economy realigns and reemphasizes workforce development programs. Newly redesigned Workforce Development Boards are ensuring that America’s Job Centers target employment opportunities that our businesses will be hiring for now and in the future.


The Santa Clarita Valley is the place in CA that is Still Golden® - where businesses and individuals can pursue their California dream. The Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation exists to grow high quality jobs – we can help your company access resources such as the workforce training programs described above. Contact us for a custom review of opportunities for your company.


Sources: LAEDC Manufacturing Industries Report (June 2014),,, Beacon Economics, LA County Workforce Development Board

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