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Protecting Your Business from the Outside-In

Protecting Your Business from the Outside-In

When running a business, your responsibilities can seem endless. From managing employees to keeping production running smoothly, approving budgets to handling client contact, the last thing you want to worry about is an IT breach or security nightmare. And if you happen to work in an area where natural disasters are a regular occurrence, the threat of losing entire systems and databases is just as imminent as a cybersecurity risk.

With entire businesses operating in the digital realm, the idea of losing an entire company’s work due to lack of preparation for possible disasters is not just a scary thought, it's a very real threat despite industry regulations in place to prevent them. Luckily, there is an entire industry dedicated to protecting your business’s technology and equipment, like the Santa Clarita Valley’s own Worksafe Technologies. How can you take advantage of the protections they offer? Check out these three things to consider implementing if your company relies on a data center or critical IT environment:


Cyber Security

  1. Proper Training Protocol

This one should go without saying, but unfortunately many companies take for granted that employees should know their way around physical data centers. Sharing with them why certain policies and procedures are in place can increase their participation and alertness. According to data center auditor and security expert Mike Wise, intruders will take advantage of the weak links in an organization, which are often human.


  1. Protection from Cloud-Based Threats

Just a decade ago, physical data centers were kept safe by simple firewalls and antivirus software. Now, with the explosion of cloud-based technology and services, it’s no longer enough to have both of those safeguards in place. Simply connecting to public Wi-Fi from a work device might be all a hacker needs to send innocent-looking phishing emails companywide.


Fortunately, as the risk grows, so do the potential solutions. Maintaining a firewall and antivirus program are a good start but looking into software solutions that use a big data approach – meaning they focus on what it means for a system to behave “normally” and detect anomalies that could indicate serious threats – may be a necessary option moving into the future. Focus on protecting the most vital data and keeping all involved parties informed of risks.


  1. Seismic Mitigation ProductsData Center

Beyond cybersecurity and personnel threats, a natural disaster could bring your company to its knees if caught unprepared. Especially here in California, an earthquake could mean the destruction of an entire data center in just a matter of seconds, not to mention seismic activity related to hydraulic fracking and other events.


Worksafe Technologies has designed and manufactured systems to prevent this sort of catastrophe before it can happen, and they can even help protect your employees, as well. Products like the ISO-BaseTM are in use worldwide to provide dampening and accommodate heavy infrastructure movement during seismic activity, which can help avoid physical damage to both equipment and personnel.


Data breaches and natural disasters could occur at any time, and almost always without warning. Taking time to be prepared for all threats is the key to successfully mitigating risk and avoiding losses.


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