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SCVEDC Hosts Local Companies for Roundtable on China Trade

SCVEDC Hosts Local Companies for Roundtable on China Trade

China Trade RoundtableSCVEDC was approached in early December by U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce with an invitation to coordinate an event on doing business in China. A Roundtable was convened on January 7, 2020 with business leaders of local companies that are currently exporting to China or are interested in learning how they can expand their trade into this country. The venue also gave businesses the opportunity to discuss their challenges in China trade and learn how U.S. Commercial Service can assist in global expansion.


U.S. Commercial Service representatives included Cynthia Griffin, Senior Commercial Officer – China, Rachid Sayouty, Director of their Los Angeles office, and several LA-based International Trade Specialists. Diverse industries, including themed entertainment, medical device, consumer electronics, advanced technology, plastics manufacturing, and foreign exchange education participated in the roundtable.

Cynthia Griffin, Senior Commercial OfficerThe meeting began with prepared remarks by SCO Cynthia Griffin, followed by compelling discussion on a variety of topics. Key topics included transparency issues in obtaining visas, tax laws relating to U.S. company representatives working in China, IP and trademark protection, and Internet access and VPN service access by non-Chinese companies.

U.S. Commercial Service provided new insights into tools to support success of trading in China. Of note is their new China Intellectual Property Rights Toolkit, which provides a starting point for developing an understanding of the challenges in protecting and enforcing IP in China, and a helpful resource for developing a China IP strategy. They also offer their Gold Key Service, a very cost-effective program providing U.S. companies matchmaking appointments with identified interested partners in foreign markets. Two meeting attendees provided very favorable commentary on usage of the Gold Key Service in China and success of these meetings.

While it’s clear that China trade is challenging, U.S. Commercial Services is committed to assisting businesses and guiding them to specific resources in their organization, consulates, supplier access, and more. For more information, contact their U.S. Export Assistance Center Los Angeles, at (213)-894-8784 or SCVEDC.


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