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Social Media Builds...

Social Media Builds…

When it comes to Social Media and Digital Marketing for your business, the amount of information can feel overwhelming. Post this not that, target this audience, use this platform instead of that one, etc. How do you break through the chatter to figure out what really matters in terms of driving business and brand awareness? Just as you as a business owner, manager, or employee get bombarded with different aspects of social media, so do your consumers and clients.
… Credibility

Social mediaOne of the first steps to take when building an online presence is setting yourself or your company up as a credible source in your space. The “humble brag” is one option, described by Mower as consisting of “Authenticity, Consistent and Ongoing Outreach, Multichannel Communications, and Communicating Results.” Promoting your success can often feel awkward, but when done in a classy way can function to showcase your credibility. Start by building support internally with your team and then promoting externally through social media outlets.

Another option is adding value to your customers or clients to establish authority on topics they are interested in. Taking time to write blogs or share tips that solve common problems for users in your industry builds credibility with those who come into contact with your brand online and can help drive them to take a secondary action, like click on your website.

… Information

The 21st century consumer has instant access to what previous generations did not have: more information. As discussed above, there are an almost overwhelming number of news outlets, influencers, and platforms that provide even the most casual consumer with facts, opinions, and headlines. But unfortunately, having too much data can actually disable our decision making.

According to Rod Friedman, Ph. D, “It’s data that drives major business decisions. There’s always one more report, one more analysis, and one more perspective that’s a click or two away.” Going with your gut instinct takes a turn when research poses a net of one billion opinions (based on the current active number of Facebook users). In building your network, you both open and limit the amount of data you receive. This goes back to establishing your credibility: once you have created authoritative social media outlets, readers are more drawn to the information that you produce. In turn, this creates interaction between your company and the consumer, opening a line of communication and funneling more up to date, relevant studies and data to them about your products or services.

… Trust

Recently in the Santa Clarita Valley, 8 companies were singled out and included on the Inc5000 list, which is an active demonstration of social exposure. Sharing achievements like those provides credibility, which shapes a consumer’s opinion and information, showcasing the success of your company. Alongside this opens the door to trust, and consumers innately want to trust those we buy from.

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