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The Employer's Role in Work Life Balance

The Employer’s Role in Work-Life Balance


As we’ve discussed before, the growing millennial workforce places a premium on flexible schedules, the ability to work remotely, and communication and mentorship from management. And one of the most important factors they’ve identified is having a sense of work-life balance; that is, the ability to work while still having the freedom and time to pursue outside activities.


While it is certainly not the responsibility of the employer to ensure their employees successfully maintain a semblance of work-life balance, being sensitive to their needs can certainly lead to greater productivity levels and retention rates.


Establish Boundaries


Flexible WorkCreate policies so that when an employee is on vacation or using PTO, clients know they have limited or no access and another point person to get in touch with in the meantime. Try to limit contact with the employee while they are off, unless there is a true emergency.


Along the same lines, while it may be reasonable to ask an employee to work weekends or long hours during important projects, don’t make this an expectation all the time. Offering a flexible schedule outside the normal 8am to 5pm realm allows those who work better at different times of the day to optimize their workload during their most productive times. Rather than allowing employees to come and go as they please, consider a policy making start and end times more flexible to ensure client contact and meetings do not suffer.


Offer Non-Traditional Benefits


While plenty of employers offer subsidized health insurance and paid time off, providing additional incentives can enhance the value employees place on their role and even attract superior candidates. Consider offering an employee wellness program or discounted gym membership to help prevent health issues before they come up, or an Employee-Assistance Program to confidentially cover child and elder care or mental health.


Work Life BalanceOther options might include bringing in training from outside sources, formal mentorship, or tuition reimbursement to show employees that you are dedicated to their professional growth and development. Also, sponsoring activities from time to time that promote team building and employee friendships and even include their families can foster a positive workplace culture, leadings to greater overall morale. As a bonus, locating your company in an area that fosters both business and community culture can make employees’ lives that much more enjoyable without the stress of a commute.


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