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Top 5 Myths about the Santa Clarita Valley

The Santa Clarita Valley is a great place, but there are a lot of misperceptions about it. I hear a lot of beliefs about the SCV that just aren't true, so let's take a look at the top myths:

#1: SCV is "Far Away"

This comes mostly from people living in the City of Los Angeles and comes from people who confuse miles with time. In the megalopolis that is Los Angeles County, that can be a big mistake. It's about 20 miles to Magic Mountain Parkway from the 405/101 intersction. But given the reverse commute, it only takes about 25 minutes most mornings to get to the Industrial Center. Compare that to the near hour-long, traffic-jammed 14 mile drive from Santa Monica to downtown LA.


#2: Santa Clarita is a bedroom community

While Santa Clarita's roots are indeed as a bedroom commuity where people moved for better schools, parks and quality of life, it now has a lot more than that. It's home to 30M square feet of industrial and commercial office space and home to 85,000 jobs. Major aerospace, manufacturing, and medical device companies call SCV home. 


#3: Santa Clarita is a small town

Not anymore! Santa Clarita is now the third largest city in Los Angeles County by population. We're roughly the same size as Reno, and larger than Boise, the capital of Idaho. Santa Clarita is recognized as one of the best places to live by We are now big enough to support a growing list of dining and entertainment amenities.


#4: You can't get a degree in the SCV

Most people know our K-12 schools consistently outperform other areas of the state. But you can also get a 4-year degree right here. The California Institute of the Arts is probably better known everywhere else in the Country than it is right here. The Masters College ranks in the first tier of regional colleges by US News & World Report. Our well-known community college, College of the Canyons, now operates the University Center, where you can access undergraduate and graduate degrees from across CA.


#5: Santa Clarita is in the middle of nowhere

The good news is you can get everywhere easily. Access to freeways in all directions is quick and convenient, whether you want to get to the mountains or the beach. And of course there are 3 tournament-level golf courses here and our own theme park Magic Mountain - all right here at home!

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