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Made in SCV - Paving the Way for American Manufacturing

Made in SCV – Paving the Way for American Manufacturing

Made in SCV

When you think "Advanced Manufacturing," Santa Clarita Valley probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But with nearly 30 million ft of industrial and commercial property in use, and another 2 million under construction since 2015, it's clear the industry has found a home in our great valley. And who could blame them?


California itself has seen a boom in the Advanced Manufacturing sector over the past hundred years, growing from 265,000 workers and $705 million in added value in 1918, to 1.3 million high-wage workers and $288 billion in added value. In fact, more than 23% of the state’s economic output comes directly from the Advanced Manufacturing industry.


And with SCV's business incentives (like the Foreign Trade Zone program and Industry Cluster Attraction Incentive), state-of-the-art facilities, plus the close proximity to rail/highway systems and both the Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles, it makes perfect sense that companies are opting to take advantage of this great location for business.


So, what is Advanced Manufacturing, exactly? Simply put, Advanced Manufacturing involves the creation of "high-value added, technical, or capital-intensive goods that require advanced inputs and manufacturing processes." This can encompass anything from the super-hot (viral, even?) 3D printing to the innovative discovery and engineering of biomedical devices to longstanding nutritional supplement production, all of which happens right here in SCV.


CA Manufacturing


These major divisions make up the Advanced Manufacturing sector currently calling the Santa Clarita Valley home:


  1. 3D Printing

This vertical is booming right now, thanks to a consumer-friendly version called fused deposition modeling (FDM). When the original patent expired on the technology that’s been around for several decades in 2009, FDM became affordable for the public. Check out the different types of 3D Printing technologies currently used around the industry here.


3-D Printing


  1. Aerospace

Several companies in the area are Tier 1 suppliers to the Aerospace and Defense industries, meaning they are the most important members of the supply chain, providing components directly to the original equipment manufacturer. These include parts on nearly every commercial and military aircraft in use today.

  1. Entertainment

The proximity of SCV to Hollywood means we are home to many companies behind your favorite sources of entertainment. From the design and high-tech development of race engines and parts to production and distribution of yearly awards screeners, to the first synthetic drumheads used by hundreds of musicians worldwide, much of the behind-the-scenes work happens in the advanced manufacturing sector.

  1. Biomedical and Health

From nutritional supplements to the first and only underwater cochlear implant available, SCV is home to industry-leading companies in the field. Responsible sourcing of nutrients, making current medical technology more user-friendly, and creating new health solutions are high priorities.


MFG Tech


  1. Technology

Someone must create the technology that businesses have come to rely on, like communications services and IT solutions. Believe it or not, these also fall under the advanced manufacturing umbrella when it comes to innovation and production. Tech is the cornerstone that makes these other advancements possible – from creating more cost-efficient products to speeding up the manufacturing process itself. It’s also responsible for the rise of automation, which is creating higher paying, technical jobs within the industry.

SCV is not just where many industry leaders house their factories; in fact, it sits proudly at the forefront of advanced manufacturing, giving birth to revolutionary technology.

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To learn more about Advanced Manufacturing visit our Advanced Manufacturing page.

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