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SCV's Strategy for Resilient Economy


Recently, the New York Times published an article and podcast titled, “The most empty downtown in America.” It outlined the story of San Francisco’s rise as a tech hub, with highly paid young adults employed at growing companies such as Yelp, Salesforce and Uber. 


These workers spent money at local coffee and lunch spots, creating a need for another set of service and hospitality workers. It was a virtuous cycle until the COVID-19 pandemic sent tech workers to work from home.


4 Ways to Prevent 'The Great Resignation' at Your Company

Labor shortages and “the great resignation” are leaving most companies working hard to hold on to the employees they have. One strategy they should use: looking internally at ways they can reduce their own bureaucracy.


Working from home, most employees found time in their day wasn’t productive. Remote work gave many people a fresh perspective on their jobs. The “Great Resignation” suggests they didn’t like what they saw, and they decided to pursue other opportunities. In fact, NIST recently called it the “Great Recognition,” an awakening of people to how they spend their time.

Facing Mental Health Challenges of COVID-19

Mental Health Resources in the Santa Clarita Valley


The COVID-19 pandemic public health orders designed to protect our physical health have also affected mental health over the last year. In fact, 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, up from 1 in 10 adults from January to June 2019.


To complicate matters, people are often reluctant to discuss mental illness — especially at work. That’s why it’s critical for employers to create a work environment that is supportive of mental health, with relevant resources and a culture that prioritizes psychological well-being.


SCVEDC Honors "Power Brokers of 2020" in Commercial Real Estate

Congratulations to the Top 21 Power Brokers!


The Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC) invests not just in growing our local businesses, but attracting great companies to the region with a focus on industries that provide our residents with high quality, high paying jobs.


Bringing these businesses to our community takes a combined effort from the SCVEDC and our partners in economic development, and of course, from the tireless commercial real estate brokers who work hard to get these businesses set up at the right location that works for them.


Each year SCVEDC honors top commercial real estate brokers active in the Santa Clarita Valley at our annual Power Broker Breakfast. Unfortunately, due to social distancing protocols we were unable to host the event again this year, but we are still thrilled to announce the Power Brokers for 2020!


A Silent Investor in Growing Your Economy: Economic Development

Celebrating Economic Development Month


Many times the work of economic developers goes unnoticed and cruises under the radar. And that’s okay! Being a silent investor in a region’s economic well-being and quality of life is rewarding in itself and in May is celebrated by Economic Development month. 


It is an honor for our business development team at the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC) to serve this region and help drive economic growth in our economy. The SCVEDC advances a valley-wide mission to grow jobs in target sectors of film and digital media, aerospace, technology, medical devices, advanced manufacturing, and corporate services. Now more than ever, a thoughtful, integrated approach to economic development is critical to growing and sustaining quality jobs. 

2020 SCVEDC Annual Report

2020 Annual Report



The COVID-19 pandemic brought both health implications and serious economic ones. In 2020, the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the work of the organization has never been more vital! SCVEDC continues to focus on business assistance, business attraction and retention, community marketing, and information and data. Despite the numerous obstacles of the past year, there are many bright spots; most notably, the incredible support, innovation, and resiliency of our business community, including the many SCV companies that quickly pivoted to manufacture PPE and sanitizers, or offered their teams in volunteer capacities.

Made in SCV - Paving the Way for American Manufacturing

Made in SCV – Paving the Way for American Manufacturing

When you think "Advanced Manufacturing," Santa Clarita Valley probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But with nearly 30 million ft of industrial and commercial property in use, and another 2 million under construction since 2015, it's clear the industry has found a home in our great valley. And who could blame them?

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A Tale of Two Taxes

The Board of Directors of the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation recently evaluated two LA County ballot measures that impose new taxes: Measure M, which adds a half-cent to the current sales tax for transportation improvements, and Measure A

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