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Santa Clarita Remains the Cost-Effective Place to Do Business

With no gross receipts tax or business tax, Santa Clarita remains the cost-effective alternative for businesses in Los Angeles County.

SCVEDC recently analyzed the results of the 2014 Kosmont-Rose Institute "Cost of Doing Business Study" and updated its cost comparison with nearby cities. The Study summarizes a variety of cost factors, including business taxes, sales tax, hotel tax, utility taxes, and other fees. Each city ultimately receives a cost ranking between $ and $$$$$.


Santa Clarita is one of the few cities in Los Angeles with populations over 50k that was rated as low cost (less than $$$).


Many cities charge business tax on the gross revenue of a company, before business expenses are factored in. Others charge based on the number of employees that a company has hired. Santa Clarita does neither, and has competitive rates for sales tax, hotel tax, and property tax.


The Study validates that many companies can lower their tax burden by relocating to the Santa Clarita Valley, a great location for business. For a custom cost comparison for your company, please contact SCVEDC.

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