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Santa Clarita Valley delivers access to the top

Santa Clarita Valley delivers access to the top

As kids head back to school, it’s important to keep in mind the graduates of more advanced schooling, whether it’s technical or vocational training, or a two or four-year college program. With today’s hottest industries requiring a trained and educated workforce, the Santa Clarita Valley delivers on so many fronts. There are over 50 two and four year schools, both private and public, located within 30 miles of Santa Clarita, and if you’re willing to expand your search to 50 miles, that number jumps to 97! And those schools include some of the nation’s top talent-building schools.

Colleges and universities in Santa ClaritaTop-ranked schools range from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) to The Master’s University in the heart of Valencia, to those bastions of hard science, the California Institute of Technology (CalTech) and Harvey Mudd College, and on to schools offering broader options such as the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Southern California (USC), as well as a plethora of amazing community colleges – College of the Canyons and Santa Monica College just to name two.


That diverse range of higher-education options delivers access to a talented, educated workforce. Graduates of the various programs are a given talent pool – but be sure to consider utilizing an internship program. Internships offer both the intern and the business offering the position so many benefits, including experience, knowledge and a potential job offer for the intern, and the chance to grab some great talent early on for the business. Check out Santa Clarita and SCV Internships, and see why both businesses and their teams love it here!


The SCV rightfully boasts of its educated workforce, with nearly three quarters of its residents having some post-secondary education. Many of these accessible institutions offer opportunities for continuing education, helping people learn new skills to advance their careers. And in late 2016, College of the Canyons (COC) launched new apprenticeship programs to train workers in manufacturing jobs and the logistics industry.


All in all, Santa Clarita Valley’s proximity to such a wide range of educational and training options supports the continued growth of its business community – and is just one of the many reasons that Santa Clarita is a good location for business.

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