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4 Business Resources Every Startup Needs

4 Business Resources Every Startup Needs


Good news, entrepreneurs: almost everyone wants to see you succeed.

Since September, we’ve been posting a lot of tips and resources to help you realize your startup dreams. That’s not an accident; it’s what we’re here to do. When you succeed, our community succeeds. Startup companies help create almost all new jobs in America, and startup innovations enrich our lives.


There’s no surefire path to startup success, but there are some universal resources that will surely help your entrepreneurial efforts take off. Here are four business resources every startup needs to succeed:

4 Resources Every Startup Needs 4 Resources Every Startup Needs 4 Resources Every Startup Needs 4 Resources Every Startup Needs
  1. Supportive Local Government

While every local government wants startups to succeed, some are willing to go farther than others to make it happen. A good local government understands the value of entrepreneurship and invests in programs that help a small business succeed, ease the typical startup “growing pains” (such as permitting, R&D, workspace construction/improvements, and hiring/training), and offers a bevy of financial incentives to keep startups local and profitable.


  1. Robust Educational System

Not only can a good educational system provide a skilled workforce, it can provide collaborative partners for your startup. Having tomorrow’s talent (and the professors and researchers leading the way) close at hand gives a startup the advantage of fresh ideas, and a fresh perspective that can help keep a product from getting stale. Not to mention the research labs and maker spaces, often found in higher education settings, that help promote innovation and technology.


  1. Affluent and Passionate Investors

As we’ve told you before, there are several ways to gain the capital to get your startup off the ground. From venture capitalism to startup incubators, the savvy entrepreneur knows she just needs to select the right funding source to help spur success. Regardless of which you choose, make sure your investors are passionate about where they’re putting their money, and have resources enough to make your dreams come true.


  1. Culture and Community

The “climate” must be business-friendly. Akin to government support, when the community as a whole decides to welcome the changes that startups often bring, success isn’t far behind. Providing startups with networking opportunities and a sharp community of service providers (ideally those who understand a startup’s specific needs and challenges), for example, can help build a strong startup community.


Successful entrepreneurs also seek out communities that invest in culture, and seek to become a part of that culture. Helping employees find opportunities to unwind, and giving them the means to do so, can help foster the kind of morale that keeps employees around for years to come.


We’ll say it again: When your startup succeeds, we all succeed. We hope our blog posts have helped give you the tools to keep your entrepreneurial dream alive, and maybe inspired you to consider setting up shop here in SCV.

Contact us to get connected (or download our eBook for more information on how to launch a startup in California). Your startup community is closer than you think…


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