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Five Growing Industry Clusters in the Santa Clarita Valley

Five Growing Industry Clusters in the Santa Clarita Valley

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Geographic concentrations of interconnected businesses, suppliers, service providers and associated institutions in a particular industry are often referred to as an industry cluster. According to a study by Harvard University, when companies from the same industry are clustered together within an environment, it results in higher employment growth as well as higher wage growth. Additionally, the presence of strong clusters creates growth in other, unrelated industries, as well as the emergence of new industries. Strong industry clusters are an engine of economic growth in the region.

In the Santa Clarita Valley we have five major industry clusters and the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation targets its economic development efforts to support and expand them - just one of the many reasons the SCV is a good location for business.



The Aerospace & Defense industry has a solid presence in the Santa Clarita Valley and is focused on aerospace product and parts manufacturing, space research and technology and national security/international affairs. The Aerospace & Defense Coalition (ADC) is made up of over sixty SCV aerospace and defense companies that meet quarterly in the SCV. Recently, Nasmyth Group, a world leader and global supplier of precision engineering in the aerospace industry based in the United Kingdom, announced the opening of a new Nasmyth facility in the SCV!



The Santa Clarita Valley enjoys a reputation as a national leader in the discovery and engineering of many noteworthy advancements in the medical device field. Our advanced workforce, high quality of life and strong training infrastructure are just a few of factors that make the SCV a productive location for firms engaged in the research, development and production of medical devices and biotech. Among the many SCV attractions for the Life Science Industry is the medical device innovation center housed in the 167-acre Southern California Innovation Park (formerly Mann Biomedical Park)!



The Santa Clarita Valley is a sought-after location for businesses involved in the production of high-value added, technical, or capital-intensive goods that require advanced inputs and manufacturing processes. The outputs produced by our firms are very diverse and range from electronics to engines and industrial machinery. Customized workforce training available combined with the highly educated labor force, access to the Ports of LA and Long Beach and rail/highway infrastructure and SCV Foreign Trade Zone are just a few of the reasons that make Santa Clarita a great place for business – and are some of the reasons Airbolt Industries calls Santa Clarita home these days.



The Santa Clarita Valley hosts production companies of all sizes for dozens of commercials, hit television shows and feature films, representing hundreds of shooting days each year. The SCV is also supported by one of the premier academic institutions for the arts, the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). J.E.M. F/X, a member of Santa Clarita’s strong and rapidly growing Digital Media and Entertainment Cluster, is expanding to a new 26K SF facility. This innovative technology firm creates highly sophisticated special effects and pyrotechnics, utilizing AutoCAD and 3D rendering software, and has chosen to expand their operations and facilities in the SCV!



The Santa Clarita Valley is home to a variety of information technology firms engaged in software publishing, telecommunications, data processing and hosting, and computer design. The SCV has a unique quality lifestyle and amenities that encourages IT top talent to locate here – just some of the reasons the Information Technology industry is thriving in the SCV.


Contact the SCVEDC – our business services team can help your company hit the ground running, by fostering positive relationships with the city, county, state and federal agencies and officials who are essential to the economic development process, guiding your company through the available incentive and workforce training programs, and connecting you with the leading medical device manufacturers and innovators in the industry cluster. We are also happy to provide assistance with the relocation process!


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The Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC) is a unique private / public partnership representing the united effort of regional industry and government leaders. The SCVEDC utilizes an integrated approach to attracting, retaining and expanding a diversity of businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley, especially those in key industry clusters, by offering competitive business services and other resources.

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