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Millennials and Startups in SCV

Millennials and Startups in SCV

We’ve discussed before how Santa Clarita is one of the top tech areas to watch in LA and OC and a hot place for startups to call home. Considering millennials are outpacing former generations in the number of businesses being started and their current exodus to the suburbs, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a resurgence in the interest in startups locally.

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The Startup Grind

The Startup Grind

Starting a business is so many things – exciting, stressful, challenging, crazy, fun, terrifying… For today’s entrepreneurs, the challenges of running a successful startup can be overwhelming – you can drown in the information available online, and how do you find (and identify!) the relevant, useful information? Some days it all just seems like a never-ending grind…

San Fernando Valley Business Journal Front Page Article Hails Santa Clarita Valley as “Silicon Suburb”

Many people know the Santa Clarita Valley as the suburb for Los Angeles. But today, it is increasingly being called the “Silicon Suburb” according to a front page article in the latest issue of San Fernando Business Journal (September 5 – 18).

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