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SCVEDC Honors Power Brokers of 2019

SCVEDC Honors the Power Brokers of 2019

Here at the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation, we’re invested not just in growing our local businesses, but attracting great companies to the region with a focus on industries that provide our residents with high quality, high paying jobs.

New Development = Job Creation

New Development = Job Creation

New development might seem undesirable to some, but there are a wide range of positive effects it can have on the local economy. A whole host of jobs are required just to build one building: contractors, managers, engineers, and inspectors are just some of the many jobs that new development requires. However, the impact of new commercial, industrial, and standard office development on job creation reaches far beyond new construction. After all, once the development is completed it isn’t finished creating jobs. Manufacturing companies, offices and retail locations need employees. These are all things that grow the local economy and help it to thrive.

SCVEDC Attends Meet the Consultants in Sacramento, CA

SCVEDC attends Meet the Consultants in Sacramento, California

TeamCalifornia, a statewide non-profit with a focus on marketing California as a great location for business, hosted Meet the Consultants in Sacramento, California on November 5 and 6, 2019. This two day event offered economic development organizations (EDOs) from across the state opportunities for learning from and networking with top site consultants who gave presentations on a wide variety of topics such as California competitiveness, foreign direct investment, incentives, trends in advanced manufacturing, and labor and workforce.

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